Studies have shown that an average person loses about 1620 calories on any given day. That means, without doing anything out of the ordinary, you can burn a substantial amount of calories everyday. (Take that, gym!) Sounds unbelievable, right? But it’s not! Here are some things we all do on a daily basis which help us burn those calories:

1. Two minutes of brushing your teeth burns about 5 calories.

That’s reason enough to brush burn more than once a day, right?

2. For every seven hours of sleep, you lose about 380 calories.

Two sets of 7-hour naps seem like the perfect workout routine to me.

3. Every minute you spend reading, you lose 1 calorie. AND you grow smarter!

And yes, reading on the Internet counts.

4. Pushing a shopping cart for an hour will burn at least 246 calories.

So, ditch that gym and go shopping instead.

5. Ironing your clothes for half an hour makes you burn 76 calories.

Now you know your dhobi ki dumdar sehat ka raaz !

6. If you are a couch potato, fear no more, because watching your favourite TV shows burns 75 calories an hour.

That means back-to-back episodes are as good as an hour at the gym!

7. Cook your way to fitness because cooking burns at least 80 calories an hour.

After the ‘workout’ you wouldn’t mind eating all those calories, right?

8. Kiss your bae to burn 36 calories in 30 minutes.

Now, that’s like a sweet workout.

9. Do you have a friend moving into a new house? Volunteer to help them move and burn 540 calories an hour.

A friend in need is a fit friend indeed.

10. Clean your house and burn 80 calories in 30 minutes.

Spring-cleaning should be done everyday!

11. Give your house a makeover by painting it yourself and burn up to 1100 calories in three hours.

And if you go for a second coat, you just might drop a whole pant size! Isn’t that something?

12. Three hours of playing cards can make you lose 351 calories.

Go all in because you really have nothing to lose (except a little bit of weight.)

Don’t quite believe us? Test it out for yourself. Just put on Fitbit around your wrist and watch those calories melt away!

Feature Image Source: Flickr/Gisela Giardino

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