Most people in their twenties are broke and that’s a fact… unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg or something. Disposable income is low but your body’s capability for stupidity is extremely high. As long as you save up in a slightly smarter manner however, it’s possible to indulge all those fun time fantasies.

Check out why you should definitely burn your wallet in your twenties!

1. A Kickass Laptop

It might feel a little steep on the pocket, but a reliable lappy with high specs will hold you in good stead whether it’s for work or for entertainment. Alienware if you really want to treat yourself!

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2. A Sturdy Bike

Reduce your carbon footprint, become healthier and take it out to the dirt tracks on the weekends to have a good time. Get something that looks cool, or something.

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3. Lazy Boy Couch

Warning: Getting this will probably lower your social interaction a great deal. Get one of these comfort kings and change the way you watch movies or eat chips completely. Just make sure you don’t sink in too deep!

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4. Travel

If there’s one thing you should save for in your young days, it’s travel. Go to places off the beaten path and try to see everything you can while you’re still able!

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5. An Instrument

Even if you have no idea how to play, let’s say the drums, you might tap into some hidden potential! Plus playing an instrument is proven to have a positive effect on the mind… I think.

Source – chinainfocus

6. Wild Parties

Not saying go crazy on the drink but if the situation calls for it, then follow the song ‘ A little party never killed nobody’ and throw a bash. Your friends will love it and you’ll have a memory to last a lifetime… if you don’t black out that is.

Source – myownuniverse

7. Music Festivals

All your favourite musicians in one place? The tickets are bound to be expensive, and so is the drink. But hey, that’s why it’s on the list right? Save up and go bounce, you’re young!

Source – travelvivi

8. A Solid Pair Of Headphones

Crystal clear sound, no leakage and the ability to block out your co worker’s annoying voice on demand? Yes please!

Source – csmonitor

9. Adventure Sports

Do these while you’re still young, because it gets more dangerous for your mind and body when you’re older. Imagine an 80 year old skydiving… that’s right, you can’t, because he’d probably have a heart attack.

Source – incredible-adventures

10. A DSLR

Cliched, I know, but they’ve slashed prices massively for these things and you really can’t argue with the crazy good quality. Go get one, but please don’t make a page about it.

Source – wall321

11. A Bed From Heaven

Ok, so this isn’t something really need, but trust me, you sink into a bed with a high thread count mattress and and all your problems will dissolve away in a second. I mean we all want to sleep on a cloud.

Source – freshome

12. Crazy Amounts Of Food

Eat your heart out in your twenties, because you never know what a simple lemon will do to your stomach once you’re in your forties! Load up on calories my friend! Black those arteries!

Source – recipesprincess

13. Tattoos

If you’re thinking about getting one and have a design in mind, just go do it! If it’s stupid, you can blame it on your young mind, plus tattoos just look cool! (except skulls…don’t get a skull)

Source – yelp

14. Funky Hairdos

It’s hard to pull off a mohawk or dreadlocks later in life, though respect if you do. You might not even have enough hair for it later! So go crazy, turn your hair into a piece of art and be ready for a lot of stares!

Source – deviantart

15. Wacky Clothes

Again, things get staid when you get older, and opportunities to be eccentric are few and far between, so spend your Gandhis on some sick clothes. Except male tank tops… those things are just ugly.

Source – farm8

16. Learning A Course

While you still have the time and the brainpower, go in for a course on literally anything really. You can get listed online on Coursera , pay a little and learn a lot about stuff ranging from journalistic ethics to the inner workings of fantasy novels!

Source – stanford

17. A Kickass Backpack

This will be your perfect travel buddy, useful in every situation, whether it’s for travel or to hide the more nefarious items in your possession. Either way, you’ll always feel safer with this around.

Source – Travelinksites

18. Gaming Console

Sort yourself out with an Xbox or something and spend hours eating chips and playing NFS with your friends. There goes boredom straight out the window!

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The best things in life are free, but whatever!