When you tighten your budget, you’ll suddenly realize that you’ve been ignoring quite a lot of second-hand alternatives that you can buy for a much, much cheaper price. Seriously, pawn shops and used goods websites are great sources of savings, simply because there are some things that you just never need to buy new, not even in good times. For example;

1. Cars and bikes

Sure, you can find overpriced “pre-loved” cars and bargain buys on brand-new vehicles, but it’s not just the sticker price that makes buying a brand new car a not-so-good idea. And if you’re a Delhite with an odd numbered car, you can buy one with an even numbered plate on OLX. See what we did there?

2. Books and Comics

There are a lot of literary treasures hidden out there. It’s just that the older ones have gone out of print or been destroyed. The same goes for comics. There are rare editions that are really hard to come by. But a lot of collectors are putting up their wares up for sale online. Yippee!

3. Guitars and other musical instruments

A lot of people want to try out musical instruments or want to take up music as a hobby. But the cost of new instruments is often prohibitive. Then there’s the risk of your losing interest in said pursuit and abandoning that instrument. But there are no such problems when you buy this stuff online. What’s more, you can find most of them in mint condition.

4. Antiques and Collectibles

Do you like collecting coins? Maybe you like collecting stamps? Or maybe just eccentric odds and ends? You’ll find a lot more of your kind willing to trade and sell bits or pieces of their own precious collections online.

5. Furniture and Home Décor

Finding that perfect corner table to complete your living room is going to be a challenge. But who knows? Someone on the internet might have the exact one you’re looking for. And that too, at a fraction of the price you’d have to pay at that fancy store you originally intended to buy it from.

6. Sports and Fitness Equipment

Everyone knows this stuff is expensive. Be they dumbbells or that exer-cycle; they are not going to come cheap. Do the smart thing. Buy them second hand. They’re going to be barely used anyway… *Wink Wink*

7. Vintage Tech

Typewriters, gramophones, old telescopes… Whatever it is that floats your boat. Online second hand marketplaces are a hipster’s dream!

8. Mobile Phones

These days, two things change very quickly. The people we date and our mobile phones. There’s always a better model or a new upgrade. And people want them. And they send their still very capable handset to second hand online marketplaces at prices that would make your jaws drop.

9. Cameras

Photography’s become a big thing nowadays. You can get really good deals on DSLRs and other cameras on second hand online market-places. What’s more, even if you’re looking for a camera lens or two, you’re bound to find a lot of options in pristine condition, otherwise, they wouldn’t even be listed.

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