When they said marriages are made in heaven, these are not the kind of marriages they were talking about. Your band, baaja and barat are ready, but you’re having some serious second thoughts about this whole thing . Just in case it happens to be one of these reasons, you know that you’re totally on the right side of things. Run. No really, run while you still can. Seriously, just give it a miss.

1. Your fiance gave you an iPill gift hamper the day before the marriage.

2. The first time you met his mom, she asked if you’re open to cosmetic surgery.

3. You’re not ready to shoulder so many responsibilities.

Look at you! You’re running away from your own wedding. What sane person would want you to be responsible for their family, right?

4. She said she’ll file a dowry case against you, if you so much as look at another girl.

5. She threw a crazy tantrum once she came to know she wasn’t included in your will.

6. He recently confessed that his degrees are fake, and he’s a ” dasvee fail”.

7. He wants you to delete all the male friends from your contact lists now that you’re getting married.

8. He hinted that you should give up your job and do up the house now.

“Parde khareedo! Naukri to main bhi karta hun!”

9. You’ve always wanted to rebel against your family anyway.

They will disown you, and never want to talk to you again. Which is kind of what you want. Problem solved!

10. They want you to marry a tree/donkey before you can actually marry him.

11. He tried to convince you that AIDS is not a communicable disease.

12. You watched 50 Shades Of Grey together and he said he couldn’t wait to try it out with you.

13. Your fiance is convinced that you are her lover from past life, and your best friend killed you both.

14. Your to-be father-in-law wanted to get to know you better. So he hired a private detective to follow you.

15. “You’re okay with an open marriage right?”

Jokes apart, marriage is an important new chapter of your life. If you’re not ready, don’t jump the gun. But be sure to keep the others in the loop too!