Take away all your worldly possessions and you can still survive in this dog-eat-dog world but take away your mobile phone and you lose your mind! Mobile phones have become such a major part of our lives that merely imagining a life without it impossible! Here are 10 signs that you cannot survive without your mobile phone:

1. The first thing you do in the morning is check your mobile phone and the last thing you do before sleeping is check your mobile phone. And yes all the time in between as well.

2. The day you leave your mobile phone at home, you feel like you’ve been abandoned on an alien planet without any means of sustenance.

3. Even if you’re out dining with friends, your phone HAS to be out on the table.

4. You start panicking like a parent who’s lost his child in a crowd every time your phone battery goes below 10%.

5. There are times when you have your Facebook open on your computer in front of you but you find yourself checking it from your phone.

6. Whenever you’re in the metro, you find yourself feeling your jeans pocket every 30 seconds unless the phone is already out in your hand.

7. You cannot narrate any funny anecdote to your friends without supporting it with photos and videos which you have stored on your phone.

8. Whenever there’s a major power-cut you use up all the laptop power charging your mobile phone.

9. You literally cannot recollect the phone numbers of any of your close friends in case you don’t have your mobile with you and you need to contact them!

10. You are probably reading this entire post from your phone! If not chances are you’re charging your mobile right now!