If these two words are all it takes to make your mouth water, then you’re truly, madly and deeply in love with street food. Here are 21 signs that you cannot live without street food.

Street food!

1. When you’re hungry, street food is the first thing that comes to your mind.

2. You’ve tried almost every kind of street food available.

3. In fact, you know every street food corner in your locality.

4. You also know the street stalls of other localities!

When people talk about their localities, you often mention the street stalls in that place.

5. Maggi, vadapav, parantha, rolls, momos or chaat, you know exactly where to go for what.

In fact, you know the working hours of the thela too.

6. You keep trying new thelas and stalls too.

7. Most of the thelavaalas know you well.

8. And some of them don’t even have to ask you for your order.

They already know what you want.

9. You don’t end up spending a lot of money on food.

Street food is cheap and extremely tasty.

10. You think life without street food would be bleak and boring.

It somehow adds masala to your life.

11. Street food has often come to your rescue when you desperately needed to eat.

12. For you, the words ‘eating out’ always mean a supper at the nearby thelavaala serving street food.

13. You’re easily sick of the regular food you eat even if it’s tasty.

But street food always leaves you wanting more.

14. You feel you cannot survive for too many days without eating street food.

15. Whenever you’re out, you have to have street food.

16. Even if you’re running late, you make sure you grab a plate or get it packed at least!

17. In fact, you judge people who don’t like street food.

“Just try it once,” you keep telling them.

18. While others talk about overpriced restaurants, you talk about a much cheaper, fully desi option available!

19. You’ve also convinced many of your ‘health-freak’ friends to try street food.

20. Your idea of a good date often involves at least one street-food joint.

21. The best part is that street food is easily available and at any time of the day!

Let’s not forget those late-night dhaabas with some yummy anda-bread, parantha and maggi!

If you’re a street food fan, you know a street vendor is waiting for you with a plate of samosa chaat right now!