Cartoon Network has been an integral part of our lives since its inception. While it has changed over the years, everyone born in the '90s can relate to the wonders created by our super-awesome animated friends. How about a trip down memory lane with these classics?

Here are 20 posters of some of our favorite Cartoon Network series created by The Stupid Desgin .

1. Sugar, spice and everything nice.

2. Power of spinach for the sailor man!

3. The Mystery Inc is back.

4. Courage the cowardly dog!

5. The lab genius with his annoying sister!

6. Johnny Bravo, always a ladies man!

7. Jhakaas!

8. He's our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!

9. The cat and mouse chase that always ends the same!

10. Bob the builder, kar ke dikhaenge !

11. The crazy trio - Ed, Edd n Eddy!

12. Our favorite Samurai Jack!

13. Mysterious, mutant Ninja turtles!

14. Aa gaya Noddy! Noddy! Khul kar bolo Hurray!

15. Oswald, t he octopus with all the solutions!

16. Pingu, pingu!

17. The fastest runner ever! Road runner!

18. Detective Panther!

19. Billa city, billa power!

20. Miss the Stone Age from t he Flintstones? And the pet Dino?

We miss these classics way too much!