There are a blessed few out there who are lucky enough to have a job they truly love. But most of us end up at jobs we just can’t get out. Jobs that truly make us feel like shit. Here are 13 Things Only People Who Hate Their Jobs Can Understand:

1. The sound of the alarm ringing in the morning on a weekday is the most dreadful sound you could ever hear.

2. You feel like doing this to every colleague in your office who has a smile on their face.

3. When people post their party pictures you fight the urge to unfriend them. Because thanks to your job, you miss them all.

4. Even Osama Bin Laden seems like a kind selfless guy in front of your boss from hell.

5. Stories of people who chase their dreams and fulfil them make you bawl like a baby.

6. Everything pleasant about your personality slowly starts fading and you turn into a grumpy, depressed individual.

7. Angry songs about death, fighting the system etc become a regular on your playlists.

8. You start wishing even the horrid metro rides in the morning never end because what awaits you is worse.

9. You begin considering drastic career changes like becoming a farmer or a shepherd or a librarian.

10. You start getting into shouting sessions with your parents, friends and loved ones because of your sucky situation at work.

11. You start doubting your own intelligence when terrible, ridiculous ideas from your seniors are sold to the clients.

12. Even beautiful sights like purring kittens and laughing babies don’t bring a smile to your face.

13. Your weekends are spent taking disturbed naps where you dream of quitting on a Monday morning.