In our country people say 'chai' before they say 'hi' in the morning. There's something about a nice hot cup of chai that stirs something within you. Be it early morning or late night, cutting or full, chai is in our blood. Here are 12 reasons why we Indians love our ek cup chai so so much!

1. After water, it’s the first thing you are offered whenever you go to someone's place.

“Bhaisaab chai lenge?” Source

2. No rainy season can be complete without hundreds of cups of this magical brew.

Pakoras without chai? Nope ! Source

3. In fact, we stop counting the number of cups during winters.

The schedule goes like this; morning-chai-breakfast-chai-lunch-chai-snacks-chai-dinner-chai-and some more chai. Source

4. But that doesn't mean we skimp on chai when it's hot outside.

Even in the scorching summers, I have seen people put on AC and enjoy their chai. Yes. This happens. Source

5. You’ll find a chai stall almost every other kilometre in our country.

Just in case you run out of chai on your road trip. Source

6. You’ll always find huge crowds clustered at these chai stalls.

Hook ups, break ups, bitching about the boss; this is the real place to socialize, fellas! Source

7. Our obsession with chai has resulted in an obsession with Marie biscuits.

Just dip, bite, sip, and enjoy! Source

8. Taking a chai break is always justified at any place, anytime and anywhere.

People understand other people’s need for tea. Hence, it’s not just any break, it’s always a tea break. Source

9. We don't even need to say anything about the legendary chai-sutta combo.

This is how things get done in our country. Source

10. Chai is every mom's first line of defence against diseases.

Tired? Cough? Cold? Headache? Don’t worry. There’s chai. Source

11. There’s different kinds of tea for different purposes.

So, there’s masala chai, Tulsi chai, adrak chai, elaichi chai, lemon chai, and more! Source

12. It works like an ice breaker in awkward social situations.

Meeting a guy for arranged marriage? Meeting with a client? Going on a blind date? Chai to the rescue. Source

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