They say the only constant thing in life is change. We’re inclined to agree. With Independence Day around the corner, we set ourselves on a search to find what the youth of the country think about the nation. We chanced upon Ray-Ban’s interesting #Campaign4Change initiative, where young Indians on social media are voicing their opinions on what they’d like to change about the country. You’d think the entries would be about deporting KRK and banning all Sajid Khan movies, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Their enlightened answers and disdain for stereotypes are a ray of hope.

Source: Facebook/Manav Parhawk Photography

1. Manav Parhawk: Lifestyle Photographer / Biker

Wants to get more women bikers on the road. A welcome change that would make our streets that much more awesome. More power to women, we say. “Who says women can’t ride?”

2. Ekta Marwaha: Writer and Activist

Wants us to not give into societal pressure for marriage. She urges men and women alike to have a say in deciding their partner in life or better yet, their partner in crime. Eat drink and be merry? We say, eat, drink and don’t marry! Before you get tied down, travel, find yourself and be awesome. “Find yourself and achieve something before you settle. It’s never too late.”

3. Nitin Malik: Vocalist, Parikrama

Believes that adopting pets is a better idea than buying them. Our Indian strays are just as cute and twice as hardy as any pure-bred dog. If you’re looking for cuddles, go desi! “Remember, St Bernard’s & Huskies don’t belong in hot and humid climes. Let go of that vanity. Have a heart for someone you claim as your family.”

4. Anamika Singh: Tea Sommelier & CEO, Anandini Himalaya Tea

Thinks that we should be more open with our emotions. Rumi himself has said that you need to keep breaking your heart until it opens. “Be vulnerable, show your emotions and be real…”

5. Regi George Jenarius: Associate Editor, Men’s Health

He is of the opinion that we should respect everyone’s opinions. God gave us one mouth and two ears for a reason. “Don’t let their voices fall on deaf ears.”

6. Sahil Mehta: Celebrity Pastry Chef

Wants people to value and find pleasure in the little things. He says that desserts aren’t just meant for indulgence after a meal. Indulge your sweet tooth and be a kid. “Life’s short, eat dessert first.”

Here are a few other entries from Tweeple that caught our attention.

7. @FunWithHashtag

Believes that “fair” is not always lovely. “Be comfortable in your own skin.” (Like MJ says it out loud, ain’t no matter if you’re black or white; ouch!)

8. @wrvaibhav1988

Wants us to break away from “stay at home dad” stereotypes.

9. @PainAntidote

Says that if you have no time to work out, then cycle to work every day. “Let’s create a fitter India.”

10. @niteshmishra_

Wants us to reclaim our city through graffiti. “Art could make my city!”

11. @TheFreeVerse

Asks why most men shy away from hugging and kissing their wives in public. “Let’s express love openly.”

12. @Miister_H

Thinks that consensual Love is for no one to judge. It should be unfettered. “Live-Ins are the In-thing.”

Itching to make your voice heard as well? Then don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Let us know what you think here . You might just end up partying in New York!

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