To most people, school meant a safe, familiar place to hang out with friends for twelve beautiful years. To you though, school meant a phase of constant change and movement from one place to another. You can’t even get over the fact that you had to stay in the same place and institution for three years straight to get your graduation degree!

Here are a few things that only you would understand.

1. You have learnt the art of making good friends fast.

2. Two years sounds like a really long time to be friends with someone.

3. You always mixed up your current school rules with your old ones.

4. You have a lot of stories to narrate, and it acts like a great ice breaker.

5. Admission procedures and interviews don’t bother you any more.

6. S chool se nikal denge” doesn’t sound like that horrible a threat.

7. Your school uniforms took up the most extensive part of your wardrobe.

8. You’ve always been the new kid of the school.

9. As a result, you are great at dealing with bullies.

10. You always have a hard time answering the “Where did you go to school” question.

11. You’ve lived in more places than you’ve gone to for vacations.

12. Changing schools has taught you to let go of the past easily.

13. The worst part about the end of a term was when you realised you’re probably not coming back to this place ever again.

14. At least once, you’ve tried to not make friends just so that it doesn’t hurt as much when you leave.

15. But on the other hand, you were probably better prepared for your farewell than anyone else in your class was.

16. Over the years, you have learnt to rely entirely on yourself, because you’re the only real constant in your life.

17. Every school has its own set of values and principles. You get to learn a lot.

18. You get exposure to various hobbies and subjects because every school has a different idea of extra-curriculars.

19. You meet a lot of different people.

20. And you realise that deep down they are all really the same.