India is known for its tradition of giving and sharing. We have countless examples when people made generous donations for those in need. But this time, certain people have put this tradition to shame with their brazen act of indecency.

When NGO Goonj asked for donations for the poor, they got utterly disgusting, dirty and grim collection of clothes, utensils and stained undergarments.

In it’s Facebook post, Goonj shared the images of terrible items like stained and tattered clothes, rotten pooja items and other unusable things that should only go in the trash. The NGO, visibly disturbed by people’s attitude said that- “This is not a garbage store” . They posted :

“Goonj wants to send out a message loud and clear that this is not a garbage store.. from rotten pooja material to blood soaked under garments to something which even a kabari won’t touch.. Please stop insulting the dignity of our team and the recipients and the good giving by hundreds of people. It’s time to name and shame people who try to pass any garbage and mess in the name of contribution.. Kindly help spread the word to keep the faith in humanity intact.. it is sad that with good material the quantity of such scrap is also growing !!”

Goonj, a non governmental organization based in Delhi, works for disaster relief, community development and extends humanitarian aid. It was recently in news when its founder Anshu Gupta was honoured with the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award this year.

The condition of donations made to the NGO screams of the insensitive attitude of people who hid behind anonymity and used the opportunity to dump their waste.

All images via Goonj

The NGO has now made it clear that it will only receive donations with people’s name and contact details written on the slip. They posted:

Thank you for sharing our sentiments..Here are some steps we are taking from today.. do spread the word about this so…

Posted by GOONJ on Friday, September 18, 2015

It is saddening to see how people turn their backs to compassion.