Remember the time when you still had pimples, wore braces and had just hit puberty? You hated the other sex and had no clue what ‘love’ was, until that certain someone walked into the frame and changed everything forever. It was love at first sight and your heart melted like butter on a hot aaloo parantha . Even after all these years, you still have that face etched in your mind.

We go on to meet a lot of people in our lives, but the first crush always has a special place in our hearts. Here are 11 reasons why childhood crushes are the most special:

1. It was the first time when you realized that it’s not always meant to be girls vs boys, and that you can actually ‘like’ someone from the other sex.

2. It was your first little step towards life as a ‘grown-up’.

Despite being a teenager, you suddenly started feeling all grown-up, and how you loved it!

3. Because it was okay to be stupid and awkward.

You didn’t have to pretend to be someone or something you weren’t, and it was totally okay to be stupid. For instance, I remember foolishly following my school crush once *Hides face*

4. When they looked back at you for the first time, how you wished the world stood still!

5. When the other person said yes, this is how you felt…

6. You experienced feelings you never even knew you were capable of going through.

When you got butterflies in your stomach, you wondered what the feeling was. It felt heavenly.

7. You didn’t need expensive gifts to make your crush happy. Your actions were enough.

8. There were no phones or social media back then and it took ages to say a simple ‘hello’.

But wasn’t that the best part?

9. You could talk random shit, and still weren’t judged.

10. Unlike now, love didn’t hurt.

There was beauty even in rejection, which by the way did not hamper your spirits or kept you from trying again.

11. It also taught you the most important lesson of your life – that it always goes on.

And now, it’s time to stalk your childhood crush on Facebook!

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