There is nothing like meeting a childhood friend after ages. These are the people who liked us for who we truly were, before we grew up, before time and age changed us. They made our childhood memorable. And here is what happens when we meet them after a long time:

1. You notice how much the other person’s appearance has changed

“Saale tu kitna mota hogaya!”

2. You blame each other for not keeping in touch

“I called you so many times. You never called back!”

3. You are reminded of your embarrassing moments

“Remember how she asked you to bugger off? Hahaha!”

4. You look at mementos from the past

5. You end up bitching about the people you used to hate

6. You laugh about an incident that had you peeing in your pants when it actually happened

“Do you remember when we jumped the fence into that house to get our ball back and their dog came at us. Haha! We were so scared.”

7. Your unsettled debate remains unsettled after all these years

“I always kicked your butt when we played trump cards, the only way you even got close was when you cheated.”

8. You remember your “firsts”

“Man, the first time we had beer. Do you remember? Ohh, of course you don’t.”

9. You reveal something you hadn’t before

“Remember that girl you liked? I liked her too.”

10. You recollect some of your fights as well

“I remember when I told your mom that you failed in maths cos I failed too. You wanted to kill me after that.”

11. You remember others being jealous of your friendship

12.You remind them of the favours you did for them

“Remember when your mom found your lighter and I had to cover for you?”

13. You reminisce about the time when you stood up for each other in a fight or got beaten up together

“I still can’t forget when we had a fight with those neighbouring society kids.” “Ya they beat the crap out of us, but atleast we stood up for ourselves.”

14. You remember the crazy things you did to cheer each other up

“I really can’t believe you guys actually dressed up like that just to cheer me up.”

15. You talk about that one place you used to go to which has now shut down

“I miss going to Ramu’s Dhaba. You know he closed it down.””WHAT! WHEN? WHY?”

16. You talk about how life was so much simpler back then

“It was much easier when you stayed across the hall, but we could never hide at each other’s place while bunking tuition.”

17. You always make fun of each other if there is a third person present and try to best each other

“I told her about the time when that bird on your pooped head?””That was you, liar!”

18. You remember what the other person likes or does not like to eat

“I called for some butter chicken but I ordered a separate burger for you. You know why, right?”

19. You remember each other’s fashion choices

“I can’t forget those ugly clothes you wore for my sister’s birthday.””I borrowed everything from you.”

20. You confess stalking few of your old mates on social websites

“Dude, did you know he has become a lawyer now?””Wow! He got suspended from school for breaking all the rules.”

21. You make plans of meeting next which mostly never materialise

“We should definitely meet during Christmas. Come to Bombay.””Yeah, I’ll be in London, but I’ll try coming here.”

“There is something about childhood friends that you just can’t replace” -Lisa Whelchel