Just recently, we ran a story regarding a bridge which had been completed and was ready for use by the public for 3 months, but was delayed because there was no VVIP available to inaugurate it. The traffic situation was worsening and despite that, the built bridge wasn’t opened for public convenience.

In a similar story a flyover was built in Jogeshwari and its inauguration was delayed due to a political squabble between BJP and Shiv Sena. So the citizens took matters in their own hands and inaugurated the bridge.

According to the Mid Day , the reason behind the delay in inauguration was whether Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray or CM Devendra Fadnavis would cut the ribbon for its inauguration.

The Better India

Sometimes, you have to take charge and be the change. After hearing about the new Jogeshwari flyover. I decided to ride it but was disappointed that it hadn’t been inaugurated yet. I removed the barriers and drove to the other side where a few boys helped me push aside another barrier. We self-inaugurated it. We don’t need ministers. Happy Independence Day,”

A commendable job done by the citizens of Jogeshwari!