If you think about it, we all spend a huge portion of our lives in school. And most of that time is spent in a classroom, where we all took classes, jotted down the teacher’s lecture and gave our exams. But those aren’t the things that we remember the most. It’s the little things that we remember. Like;

1. Going "Good Moooooooorning Ma'am" as soon as the teacher walked in

I still don’t get why we greeted our teachers in such a melodic way. But we did it all the same. It just felt…right. I guess the extra vowels put in that much more enthusiasm and genuineness to our customary early morning salutation.

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2. Passing notes

Passing notes was awesome fun. They could be, by turn, messages of love, incredibly inappropriate jokes or hastily made caricatures of our least favourite teachers. But God forbid if your note was caught. Then it would be a long march to the front of the class where you’d be made to read your note out loud.

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3. Cracking jokes about the teacher

Back-benchers will know what I’m talking about. There is something really epic and daring about cracking jokes about a teacher while that teacher is standing right in front of you. It was like a giant F-U to authority.

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4. Scribbling on the desk

Most used pens and pencils. The more adventurous used protractors and compasses. But the instrument was not the most important thing. The important thing, was the scribble…

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5. Throwing paper balls at friends

I still remember the sweet satisfaction of landing a tightly crushed ball of paper on a studious friends’ head. And the reaction… Priceless.

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6. Doodling in math class

Like a lot of people, I wasn't really that great at math. But I went ahead and shot myself in the foot and took it up in 10+2 anyway. So for the next two years, while the class solved complex problems and did derivations, I doodled away happily on my notebook.

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7. Sleeping in history class

Most Indian students will attest to the fact that the fastest way to cure insomnia is to sit on the back bench during a history class. You will sleep sounder than this Kindergartner who dozed off while learning her ABCs.

8. Sitting in the front bench

The front benches were usually occupied by the toppers and were visited infrequently by less academically inclined students only on the vehement insistence of the teacher.

The advantages: The blackboard was clearer and umm… you studied well?

The disadvantages: You had to pay attention all the time and you couldn't catch 40 winks.

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9. Sitting in the last bench

Last-benchers are a tight knit community of fun loving yet goofy students who almost always have the most fun in class.

The advantages: You always had a lot of fun and were somehow inexplicably, considered “cool.”

The disadvantages: The disadvantages became most apparent when you gave your exams.

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10. Eating tiffin under the desk

Munchies are a force of nature. They cannot be stopped. There has been many a time when valiant and desperately famished students have been asked to leave the class after being caught hogging on home-made deliciousness before lunch break. But in retrospect, every single person would say that it was worth it.

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11. Playing pen fight, book cricket and Tic Tac Toe between classes

This was true for free periods, rainy days and well, basically any time we were even a little vella.

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12. Creating masterpieces of chalk art on the blackboard

It was like tasting forbidden fruit. Only for us, the forbidden fruit was drawing a giant “D” on the board. An empty chalkboard was nothing less than a canvas.

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13. Waiting anxiously for games period or “chutti”

Classrooms are magical places where time slows down every now and then. Particularly before games period and the “chutti.”

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14. Shouting out proxies for friends

Present Ma’am. Present Ma’am. Present Ma’am. - Same Person

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15. And of course, Day-Dreaming

Because we were all Taare Zameen Par. See what I did there?

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