Sports rivalries can really evoke emotions in people. Especially in London, where people support their favourite teams & players with fanatic vigour. Another thing Londoners do is smoke a lot which leads to people throwing cigarette butts on the streets.

Hubbub (UK) came up with a solution to combine the two and keep the city clean in the most amazing way possible.

They didn’t just use the Ronaldo-Messi rivalry, but even asked people which sport they would prefer to watch.

Or which London-based football club they would be rooting for.

And of course when it comes to rivalries & smoking, they won’t forget the ‘Ashes’ now, would they?

Apart from this, they have devised other innovative ways to clean the city.

What a brilliant idea. We should have something like this in India too. All that is required is a question about cricket or politics. And watch the streets clean themselves up.

And for the record, we in no way promote smoking. If you are really keen on voting through these bins, pick a butt from the ground and put it in the voting box. And of course, you’ll have to go to London for that.

Disclaimer: Feature image has been edited to fit specific size.