There are certain things that never go out of fashion. Things like a three piece suit, a crisp white shirt, a pair of tan boots and the clean shaven look.

Any man can look good in a stubble, but only a real man can sport the clean shaven look with élan .

1. A good first impression is never a problem for men who are clean shaven.

Because it’s hard to take a guy seriously when he looks like a hobo.

Source: India – Forums

2. They’re taken seriously from the moment they step into a room.

Which is difficult for someone who looks like an amateur pirate.

Source: Verve Magazine

3. When you are clean shaven, you’re not worried about how you look.

Because you KNOW you look good.

Source: Filmi Beat

4. Men, here’s a tip from us women. Stubble isn’t for everyone.

Sometimes it can make you look like a college boy who hasn’t taken a bath for weeks.

Source: Pixshark

5. A clean shaven look is the best summer accessory.

Stay cool. All summer.

Source: Wallpaperinhd

6. Not to mention, it saves your girlfriend the trouble of dealing with unwanted facial hair every time she wants to “snuggle.”

You know…”snuggle.”

Source: Daily Bhaska

7. Generally, a clean shaven man is more likely to get a job he interviewed for than a man with a stubble.

In other words, your stubble’s not going to earn a living for you. .

Source: Get Movie Info

8. Here’s another obvious fact: Clean shaven men look fresher and more trustworthy.

Men with stubble also convey something. “I’m lazy.”

Source: HD Wallpaper

9. A clean shave makes a guy look younger any day.

Who doesn’t want that?

Source: Wall Database

10. Women prefer clean shaven men!

Take that, stubble!

Source: You Say Too

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