We post a lot of moving Indian Television commercials that touch a chord with viewers all across the nation. Well, this time we have another ad. It’s not exactly moving but there is a lot of touching involved! The latest ad from Cobra has divided the advertising industry right into two. One half who’s outraged at this obnoxiously obscene ad. And the other half who think it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever seen. We’re not sure where we stand. So you have a look and tell us where you stand.

Of course, the first thing anyone needs to do before buying a deo is stroke it gently. That’s just a textbook deo quality check technique. Nothing obscene about this.

And the stroking continues. Wait, what’s happening. Is this supposed to happen? Is the deo bottle getting bigger or am I on acid? Something is definitely about to happen.

Oh shit! Oh shit! Looks like the deo bottle can’t hold it any longer!! Say my name, say my name! Cobra!

Not sure if anyone in their right frame would be comfortable spraying this thing on their body!