Winston Churchill said ‘If you find a job you really love, you’ll never work again’. But Mr. Churchill, even if we love our work there are always some colleagues that’ll make our lives difficult. Sometimes it feels like no matter where you work, these people just seem to find you! Here are the 10 different kinds of colleagues we all have in our office:

1. The person who treats the office like a DJ station playing songs all day long, really really loud!

2. The guy who it seems was hired to sit with every woman in the office and flirt for thirty minutes each.

3. The colleagues who are unaffected by office timings. They can walk in at 2 pm and leave at 6 pm and nobody bats an eyelid.

4. The guy who always manages to find a quiet corner and snore away to glory.

5. The colleague whose job description must probably be ‘gossip about everyone in the industry’.

6. The colleague who’s always on the phone screaming abuses at someone or the other!

7. The guy who never seems to leave office. He’s the first person to reach office and the last to leave. Or maybe he doesn’t leave.

8. The one who sucks up to the boss 24/7, 365 days! If the boss says meow like a cat, you can be sure he’ll do it!

9. The guy who’s always playing cricket or football or ‘catch’ right in the middle of the office!

10. The colleague whose favourite past-time is to sit next to you give you lengthy speeches on why he’s the most amazing person in the industry!