India is a mix of many vibrant cultures and colours. One can clearly distinguish the North from the South and the East from the West simply based on ethnic differences. With so many varied languages, festivals, religions and traditions, it makes us all the more exotic and incredible to the rest of the world!

We define ‘unity in diversity’ like no other country does and are absolutely flamboyant in our description. Our lavish cultures speak for themselves and make us as colourful as ever. These 65 photos will show exactly how vibrant we are:

1. A field of marigold flowers in Panskura, West Bengal

Source: Dailymail

2. The beauty of rangeen folk musicians in Jaipur

Source: Jaipur-tourism

3. The holy ghats of Varanasi

Source: Yeskay-santhanam

4. The Taj Mahal with its shades of white and grey

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5. The amazing elephant rides

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6. The golden glow of the Buddha


7. The visarjan ceremonies of Ganesh Chaturthi

Source: India24

8. The magnificence of the South

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9. The vibrance of the East

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10. The feel good spirit of Punjab

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11. The traditional elephant festival of Thrissur

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12. The decorations of the elephants in Jaipur

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13. The intricately decorated diyas

Source: Nationalgeographic

14. And the lakes of Ladakh bleeding blue

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15. Puppetry brings a sense of classical tint to our vibrance

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16. Camels are elaborately decorated

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17. The shops are equally colourful

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18. We even like to colour our diyas

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19. The Taj Mahal sees more colours than just white

Sources: Roughguides

20. And so does Maa Durga

Source: MK Sharma

21. Where else would you find colourful prayer halls?

Source: Travel.paintedstork

22. And rangeen headgear

Source: Toksojo

23. How can we miss the swag of our sadhus ?

Source: Dykai

24. Bangles come in all sizes and colours

Source: Hungamaplus

25. And so do ghungroos

Source: GetgoingtoIndia

26. The green grocer has more than just green

Source: Picturesque

27. As kids, we have done some kick-ass workouts

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28. The lush, green countryside

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29. Starlit Diwali nights have a beautiful shade of their own

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30. Diyas that never run out of light

Source: Dandapani

31. The three primary colours of India

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32. The elephant God of India in all its beauty and poise

Source: Outlooktraveller

33. From the royal bunch of warriors…

Source: Citytrip

34. To the intriguing Maharaja Express

Source: Andbeyond

35. The Temples down south are worth a tour

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36. Steam engines, with their copper lustre, emit a special colour of innovation and journey

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37. Feathers of the magnificent national bird

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38. Blue, bright and everything nice

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39. Our brave stuntmen put on a show every year on Republic Day

Source: TimesofIndia

40. Grooving the Rajasthani way

Source: Luxurytourtoindia

41. The dramatic folk numbers are of immense cultural significance here

Source: Sacbee

42. The stupas , the temples and the rivers, glow with historic relevances

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43. Goan beaches and their varieties are true places of serenity and calm

Source: Azamaraclubcruises

44. The electric atmosphere in cricket stadiums

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45. We put on a royal show of colours like no other

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46. The mighty Bengal Tiger adds a distinctive colour of its own

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47. So does the peacock with all its bright feathers

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48. Our forts blend naturally with the green flora of the surroundings

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49. The daring fire tricks add to our culture subliminally

Source: Wikimedia

50. We’re home to the highest mountain range in the world

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51. The deserts are definitely more than shades of mustard

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52. There’s colour even in our tiny wind gauges

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53. Can you count the number of shades on this Temple?

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54. The scintillating kite show with innumerable colours

Source: Roonik.blogspot

55. Unique yet evocative birds of India

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56. Rich Indian food, full of rich colours

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57. The exquisitely painted statues

Source: Debochak

58. The detailing of the various moortis of Gods

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59. The various shows of Indian mythology

Source: RajnathShinoy

60. Madhubani artists at work

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61. Women dress in inexplicable, bright shades of yellow, pink, red and orange

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62. The radiant boat rides of Kashmir

Source: Internationaltravellermag

63. The pleasant shades of Mumbai’s Marine Drive

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64. A vivid skyline with a mesmerising city below

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65. The beautiful colours of the Kumbh mela

Source: Hindudharmaforums

India is a scintillating mystique, an amalgamation of cultures, a booth of ethnic vibrancy and traditional versatility, and one of the best places to sit back and enjoy a bright, peaceful joyride. We simply have much to love about Mother India!