Maybe you left your nest to study, maybe you found a lucrative job or maybe you spent some time travelling and discovering yourself.

While you were away, you’d constantly think about home. Ghar ka khana , old friends, your family, all would call out to you.

In any case, you’re back now. And somehow, things seem a bit different than you imagined. Some good, some surprising and some oddly cathartic things have happened since you’ve returned.

Welcome back, dear prodigal one.

1. Your parents need live updates of your journey back.

‘Beta, train/plane mein baith gaye? Khaana hai?’

2. Your room seems strangely unfamiliar.

‘Ma, was this the guest room all these days?’

3. Your dog cries for a good half hour out of sheer joy.


4. You update your Facebook location and everyone starts making plans.

…without consulting you.

5. But the plans never materialise.

Yaar , we MUST meet.’

6. There’s a Pizza Hut in place of your favourite restaurant.


7. Every single relative of yours wants to meet you.

‘Beta, dinner pe aa jao/Beta, lunch pe aa jao/Beta, lunch aur dinner pe free nahi ho? Breakfast pe aa jao.’

8. Your sibling is suspiciously nice to you.

‘You liked that t-shirt no? Tu rakh le .’

9. You get almost NO time to talk to friends from the place you just moved from.

You WhatsApp them random life updates anyway.

10. You feel a bit ‘out of the loop’ around your school/college friends.

‘Um, I think I’ll pass.’

11. A wave of nostalgia hits you every time you visit an old hangout.


12. Your mother tongue sounds a bit foreign after all the time you spent not speaking it.

‘Huh ma, what did you just say?’

13. You try to end all your stories with ‘Oh never mind, it’s a long story.’

Because you realise that there are way too many to tell.

14. The roads look different to you.

‘Wait, when did that flyover come up?’ Mind map fucked.

15. Everyone seems to be talking about that ONE cool thing you missed out on.

‘Coldplay was HERE? What!’

16. Your family keeps telling you to stay at home.

‘Bahar mat jao. Friends ko ghar bula lo. Ghar pe thoda reh lo.’

17. Your favourite little cousin is now a head taller than you.

And probably takes jibes at you. ‘I’ve been away FAR too long.’

18. Wherever you go, questions follow.

‘How was it? Did you have a nice house there? Was it too expensive? Was your flatmate okay?’

19. No matter how good you think you look, your mom says you look terrible.

‘Don’t worry. Give me two months and you’ll be fine!’

Don’t fret, because very soon you’ll be craving all the attention heading your way right now.

Carpe diem.