It is not only illogical but also inhuman when we label an entire community as violent and blood-thirsty war mongers. Despite that, such communal hatred is not at all uncommon, and has been increasing manifold.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to a group of Broncos fans when they drove for 7 hours to catch the Week 13's game between Denver and the San Diego Chargers live at the stadium.


The group of excited supporters all prepped up were just about to make it for the match when they were denied entry because of their turbans.

Verinder Malhi told 10News that he and three of his Sikh friends accompanying him to the match were turned back at the gate and denied entry by the Qualcomm Stadium security guard because of their religious attire.


Though, eventually the group of friends were allowed entry, they were advised not to wear turbans to a game in the future. How outrageous is that!

But the problems did not stall even when they entered the stadium. Apparently, someone warned the police of the 4 friend's suspicious activities, and they were consequently searched by a bomb sniffing dog.

"Everybody kind of confusing us with the turbans, because what you see on TV is mostly the terrorists they wear turbans. But our turbans is different, our faith is different our beliefs are different," Malhi said.

Is the politics of terror and fear encouraging humans to doubt each other and start a fight? Food for thought.