Most people detest the latex sheath over their wieners, but what if I told you that condoms can stimulate the “pleasure points” and accentuate sexual pleasure? You’d probably think I’ve gone nuts!

But scientists from down under (pun unintended: they are a bunch of Australians racking brains over it) have been developing a new hydrogel condom called the ‘GELdom’, which imitates the feeling of human skin!

The Guardian

“It feels like real human tissue, like when you’re touching someone but they’re covered in a lubricant”, says Josep Ciorciari, one of the developers and a noted cognitive neuroscientist at the Swineburne University.

La Bambola

In addition to crafting a pleasure-laden condom, the researchers also hope to identify other reasons why people are averse towards condoms. Most people state that they dislike condoms because of the “way it feels”.


The second phase of the trial would be out next year. Let’s hope this new scientific formula aims at driving pleasure back to condom-assisted sex!

After all, they have the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation backing them up with funds!


Ready to join the GELdom?