We all love to eat out at fancy restaurants every once in a while and don’t mind shelling out some big bucks for the same. After savouring the dishes that we love, we generously tip the waiters, and as loyal customers, are even quick to recommend the place to our friends .

But can you tell whether the hygiene and cleanliness standards observed by these places are actually in place? Will you ever be able to guess what goes on in the minds of the welcoming waiters as they serve us?

Restaurant workers confessed some of their darkest secrets on an app called Whisper, which lets people confess anonymously. What they shared is enough to spoil our dine-out experience. Here are 15 confessions that will definitely disappoint you with disgust:

1. “I work at a restaurant and more than once I have dropped bread rolls on the floor and still served them.”


2. “I am a server and one time I stuck my tongue in a guy’s juice to see if it went bad in the fridge. He drank all of it afterwards.”


3. “At the restaurant where I work, we don’t clean the silverware. We just spray it with water until food comes off.”


4. “When I was taking a salad to a table, I noticed a long black hair on it. I didn’t say anything and when I came back, the whole salad was gone.”


5. “I totally knock some of your fries off your plate before I bring them to your table, so that I can eat them when I get back to my section.”


6. “If you’re rude to me, I make sure your food takes much longer.”


7. “Sometimes when I masturbate right before I go to work, I forget to wash my hands.”


8. “Once I was so thirsty that I took a sip of a customer’s drink before handling it out the window.”


9. “I am a waiter and when a customer asks me to fix their food again, I just microwave it and give it back to them. I ask them how the food is, they say it’s so much better.”


10. “The restaurant where I work has served moldy food. I am scared if I say something I’ll get fired.”

Source: www.suggestkeyword.com

11. “When they make me clean toilets at work, I use the same towels to clean the tables. I am a server, not a toilet scrubber.”


12. “When people ask me for low fat ranch, I always give them regular ranch. If you were really trying to diet, you wouldn’t eat ranch at all.”


13. “When people ask me for something that’s a pain in the ass to get while I am busy, I lie and say we ran out.”


14. “I work at a restaurant and I’ve never once seen our tablecloths washed.”


15. “I touch customers’ food all the time with dirty hands from the kitchen- nasty dishes, the floor, door handles, who cares.”


Pray thy waiter for mercy!

Disclaimer: Pictures used are only for representational purpose.