There are sly friends, there are ‘haraami’ friends and then there are ’emotional’ friends. Emotional friends are those buddies of ours who are ready to shed a tear at the drop of a penny. Be it a happy occasion or a sad occasion or a volatile situation, they’ll be the first to go all emotional on you.

Here are 12 signs that you’re friends with an emotional person.

1. Every time you do something sweet or nice for them, they well up and hug you for 10 minutes straight.

2. They get nostalgic on you all of a sudden. “Remember our college days?” “Remember that class?” “Remember the class after that class?”

3. On the last day of college they take photos with every single person and object in your college. And of course ends the farewell in tears.

4. You have to think twice before cancelling a plan with them because instead of saying “Another time then” they’ll take it to heart and be upset with you for a while.

5. If you don’t cry during movies they feel very emotional about, they call you a robot and get mad at you.

6. You always need to be wary of the jokes you crack around them because one slightly misguided joke and they’ll giving you the silent treatment for weeks.

7. Always keep tissues handy if you go through old photographs with them because that’s like “senti-steroids”.

8. The one line you find yourself using the most is “yaar tu senti ho gaya?” or variations of it.

9. Whenever they gift you a card, they write such moving, heart warming things inside that you can’t help but go mushy reading it.

10. You have witnessed them weep like a baby over one thing or the other. Several times!

11. Whenever you get an FB notification from them, you can be damn sure it’s a really emotional ad/clip/short film that they have posted on your wall.

12. If they come across someone else crying, even if it’s a video, it’ll only take about three seconds before they themselves join in.

But say what you will, at the end of the day our fondest memories are with our emotional friends. Because after all, what’s friendship without a few tears!