Ads are meant to sell… by hook or by crook. They employ different tactics to get the job done. Some of these ads are intelligent, some witty and others downright offensive. Here’s a list of 20 of the most controversial ads made. Some of them didn’t see the light of day while others were banned soon after they were published.

1. You mean to say dark is not beautiful?

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2. Now that’s mean.

3. Addicted to fashion?

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4. Seems like being graphic is the only way to make make smokers quit smoking.

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5. It’s a man’s world out there.

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6. This online dating company has a ‘Money Back Policy’.

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7. What else do you expect from an underwear ad?

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8. Now that’s what you call wearing a wrap-around.

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9. Too steamy for a coffee ad?


10. Pooja Bedi + Condom Ad = Unending Drooling

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11. Anything showing rape has to be offensive.

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12. Care to respect a lady?

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13. Berlusconi… The name itself courts controversy.

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14. Paris Hilton with the Kardashians… Enough said!

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15. Some guys have all the luck.

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16. Her t-shirt says it all.

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17. Naughty!

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18. Sure, we want the leaders to bond, but not this way.

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19. I’m feeling suffocated.

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20. Where are your manners, boys?

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