So we spotted this bizarre news online about how a cat was spotted in Delhi, driving a car! We don’t know whether that’s for real but cats definitely are the coolest animals around. Cats have a cool quotient of their own, unconcerned and unperturbed, they keep their feline charm.

If cats want something, they get it. Needless to say, cats are way cooler than other animals. Here are 10 #CoolCatsInTown nailing the art of being cool.

1. The One With Cat-titude

This is the Cool Cat challenging all  the action heroes out there. Will anyone dare to accept?

2. The Swag Master

Look at this one! He doesn’t like you and his 2-legged swagger is enough evidence.

3. The Chaser

Because the Cool Cat can never seem to be able to get rid of his fans.

4. The Elitist

No dog is cool enough to be as cool as the Cool Cat.

5. Nanny-zilla

And this one is too cool to wait for the baby to push the cart.

6. The C-boying Cat

B-boying is old stuff. Here is a cool flying c-boy cat for you!

7. The Clever Snatcher

Cool Cats don’t beg for food. They just take it. Bon-a- cattetit

8. The Hard-To-Get

A Cool Cat doesn’t care about being kissed by pretty girls on camera. Later, woman!

9. The Go-Getter

But when a Cool Cat wants a kiss, no woman can refuse.

10. Cat-Speeder

Because only a Cool Cat can look this cool behind the wheels.

But here is the daddy of all Cool Cats, spotted right here in your city…

Spotted driving his swanky new car, the Cool Cat definitely makes your heads turn. We have an exclusive look of this super cool cat right here .

While this was happening, someone even made a cool cat soundtrack. Check it out while you swing to the beat #CoolCatsInTown.

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