Timothee Semmelin and Yukiko Murayama realised the ultimate Indian dream on the occasion of their first wedding anniversary. The couple travelled to New Delhi and orchestrated, with a little help from their friends, the perfect Bollywood-inspired couple shoot.

Indian clothes, jewellery, classic filmy poses, complete with the Taj Mahal in the background, the shoot is an apparent fairy tale shot by the Delhi-based Lakshya Chawla .

In an interview with Huffington Post , Chawla said, “This was definitely a lot of fun, even though it was very last-minute. I received an e-mail from Tim, five days before the shoot. I arranged the whole thing for them, including the makeup artist, a lady called Shruti Sharma and themysticalcloset for jewellery.”

The shoot was packed and spread rather tightly across Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. “Permissions to shoot in front of the Taj are impossible, so we went to the back side of Taj Mahal (Mehtab Bagh) since there are less people there and you get a decent amount of privacy.”

Lakshya also helped Timothee and Yukiko put together their outfits for the shoot, the chunni and safa , Lajpath Nagar for peacock coloured footwear for her and classic Punjabi joothis for him.

“Tim was quite shy about his ensemble, but Yuki fell in love with it.

“Yuki made a special request for Jaimala and Gajra.”

The couple’s fascination with Bollywood is evident, and keeping this in mind Chawla even choreographed a few classic Bollywood inspired shots for them.

“Tim is French, and Yuki is half Japanese, half Chinese. He works for Linkedin in Hongkong, and she is a social media guru in Beijing — They couldn’t be further removed from India, but they made the perfect couple,” concludes Lakshya.