Love. Love. Love. We all are mesmerized with the idea of love. And in India, you find plenty of couples, who are completely & totally in love. There are numerous types of couples & each is different in it’s own way!

1. The Inseparables

Togetherness, 24*7. Kahin bhi, kabhi bhi !

2. The Confused Couple

These guys break up every second day & patch up every other night.

3. The Koochie-Koo Couple

The annoying mushy-mushy munchkins with their sweet little pumpkins, koochi-kooing all the time.

4. The P.D.A Couple

Let the whole world know.

5. The Age-Gap Couple

Age is in the mind.

6. The Office Couple

They take a risk by hooking up where they work. You know what they say, you shouldn’t get laid where you get paid.

7. The Travelers

The Touristy Twosome who want to explore the world together.

8. The Friends With “Benefits”

They are there for the sake of it & to fulfill all the “needs & wants.”

9. The Fence Sitters

They are always like, ‘to be or not to be.’

10. The Destined To Be Together Couple

They have spent so much time together that they will end up with each other only.

11. The Hide-&-Seek Couple

The ones who want to keep it all under cover. James Bond would be proud of them!

12. The Bachpan Ka Couple

Because they were dating since they were 3!

13. The Fight Club Couple

The ones who are always up for some heated conversations!

14. The Couple In Denial

They have been dating for ages but don’t agree to be in a relationship!

15. The Emo-Wrecks

The two vulnerable souls feeding each other’s ‘ akelapan .’

16. The Party Animals

The pair who want to do nothing except party!

17. The Sharmeela Couple

They like their own space & opt to blush in front of others!

18. The Old School Couple

OMG! Holding hands. What are you saying?

19. The Unequal Couple

Where one talks and the other listens.

20. The Possessive Couple

” I can’t see you with anybody else, baby!” ( Meaning: You can’t go anywhere with anyone. Period.)

21. The Perfect Couple

The selfless two. Wherever they exist! God bless them.