For a lot of people, especially foreigners, India means spicy food. Food that sends you running to the toilet! But for you spicy food is the food of gods! You crave spicy food from morning to night, for breakfast, lunch and dinner! If it isn’t spicy then it’s not worth having. Here are 12 signs you love to eat spicy food:

1. You obtain special pleasure in chomping down large pieces of chilli and savouring that slow build up of fire inside your mouth.

2. When you’re out dining at restaurants the first thing you say to the waiter is “make it extra spicy!”

3. Everytime you end up with bland food, Pepper shaker becomes your best friend for the meal.

4. When you see people howl, cry and yell after one bite of anything spicy you think to yourself “Wussies!”

5. Even the chips you buy to snack on are the extra spicy kind.

6. No dish is spicy enough for you.

7. When your friends claim that they can’t have spicy food because they possess overly sensitive taste palettes, you start looking for new friends.

8. Your favourite item is the “super hot sauce” which you demand by the dozen and slather over anything and everything!

9. If you had your way you would have come up with a spicy ice cream flavor as well – “a spice cream”.

10. You have a special place for gol gappa & chaat masala in your heart.

11. Your food is incomplete unless you have couple of chillies with it!

12. And lastly, nothing pisses you off more than places claiming to sell the hottest food in town, just selling mildly spicy food.