When 50 Cent told the world to “get rich or die trying,” these people must have taken him very seriously. But rather than doing what most of us do (slogging our asses in desk jobs), they went about amassing their fortunes in totally different and well, online ways.

Their success stories will make you think about your job twice. Maybe even thrice.

1. Professional YouTuber Felix Kjellberg a.k.a PewDiePie allegedly earned over $7.4 million in 2014 by doing what he does best.

And by that I mean, uploading videos of himself playing games, pulling off pranks and ranting about general stuff! At present, he has about 37.8 million subscribers, that is approximately 2 million more than the current population of Canada.

Source: SuperFame

2. Lingaraj MK, a software professional from Chennai, won Rs. 2.5 lakh and a trip to Hong Kong worth Rs. 3 lakh just by playing a card game – Rummy on RummyCircle.com!

Go ahead, you now have an extra excuse to stay hooked on the awesome game. And just in case you are starting off, you can learn how to play Rummy here.


3. Ross Harper and Ed Moyse nearly paid off their $80,000 debt by renting out their faces to the highest bidders!

In an attempt to get rid of their student loan, the two brits created BuyMyFace.com in October 2011 and sold their mugshots as advertising spaces. They started out charging just one British Pound (approx $1.67 US) but the face space soon skyrocketed to $600. The site is down now and the kids have moved on to other entrepreneurial ideas but reportedly they made over $50,000 US dollars towards their $80,000 debt.

Source: News.com.au

4. 17-year-old Fred Pye makes over $33,000 a month by playing GTA V in his bedroom.

An A-level student and GTA enthusiast, the lad from Shrewsbury, England brings over $37,000-a-year by making and posting helpful how-to videos of the GTA franchise.

Source: Mirror.co.uk

5. Songwriter Matt Farley writes songs on trending internet topics and earns over $23,000 every y ear !

Using 60 different monikers and band names, Farley has released about 14,000 short, ridiculous and often-improvised songs on Spotify and iTunes. And they are on everything from sports teams to birthdays to even poop. Yes, you read that correctly.

Source: The Guardian

6. Yet another bedroom gamer, 23-year-old Joseph Garrett makes over $236,000 a month by playing the cult game, Minecraft.

His YouTube videos have earned millions of hits and, millions of dollars through pre-roll ads. With his subscriber growing exponentially, he’s already quit his day job and is raking in the cash.

Source: Reveal.co.uk

7. Park Seo-Yeon of South Korea earns $9,000 a month for live-streaming herself eating online for 3 hours a day (yet she manages to stay chopstick-thin).

Known as “The Diva”, Park has a crazy following of “Gastro Voyeurs”, people who like to see others eat. I know, sounds weird. But then again it’s purely legit.

Source: Yahoo

8. Debra Yerga sold 31 inches of her hair on Hairwork.com for… wait for it… 4-freaking-thousand-dollars!

This is an old photograph of her before she sold off her goldie locks.

Source: NYTimes

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