There are friends and then there are crazy friends. If friends are the songs in your life’s movie, crazy friends are the item numbers. If friends are the meal at the end of a tiring day, crazy friends are the dessert. If friends are the break at the end of a six-day week, crazy friends are a road trip. They are passionate, uninhibited and spontaneous.

You need a crazy pal because:

1. They are dabangg and will be glad to fight for you no matter what.

2. They totally pull off an Arnab Goswami when someone tries to argue with you.

3. When you scare away all your friends with something crazy enough on your bucket list, your crazy friend will say-bring it on!

4. You will get used to the rule of there being no rules as they modify the usual game to make them more fun, sometimes at their own expense.

5. They will invest a lot of time in making things for you that ‘ normal ‘ people won’t, like writing a stupid song to make you smile on a bad day.

6. They are hat ke and when you walk with them, you take the road NOT taken and constantly challenge your perceptions of yourself and the world.

7. Even though you might have posed for thousands of selfies, with them you share selfies in the weirdest of places which make you grin the widest

8. You can expect a Blockbuster solution to your troubles when you approach them.

9. They will ENDLESSLY tickle your funny bone with their antics. A lot of times, you might end up becoming the target of their jokes but you’ll have to admit, it’s still paisa vasool .

10. They do not believe in the possible and impossible, they only believe in dreams and inspire you to chase your wildest dreams.

11. With them you learn that you should always listen to your heart when you answer life’s questions.

12. You might wear a mask around everyone else, but around them you can shed all pretenses and let your hair down.

13. They might end up with their foot in their mouth often, but that doesn’t stop them from being what they are and that is the best thing about them.

So, you need a crazy friend who can fight for you, make you smile, set you free and give you wings when no one else can. They achieve this feat with such nonchalance that you can’t help loving them. If you have such a crazy friend-you are truly lucky!