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Feb 27, 2015 at 12:56

What Happens When A Woman Abuses A Man? The Man Is Thrown In Jail And The Woman Goes Scot Free

by Isha Jalan

All of us take crime against women very seriously. We are quick to react, judge and even go on to do 'social media trials' these days, and yours truly is as guilty as anyone else. However, come to think of it, women are not always the only victims. The other gender, which is often ignored, is abused too. Thousands of men commit suicide after being falsely accused in violence and even rape cases because of loopholes in one-sided Indian laws.

The Save Indian Family Foundation reports that it meets at least 4-5 new men every week who have had to suffer because of misuse of the Domestic Violence Act.

Deepika Bhardwaj talks about Men - The Forgotten Gender in this TED Talk and throws light on a dark area that we as a society have chosen to ignore. The video is 19-minute long but totally deserves to be watched till the very end!

Source I TEDx Talks

Let's at least listen to the other side, people.

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