1. He was your first 4 a.m. friend.

He is one guy you can count on to pick up your phone no matter what time it is. Reasons can range from “I’m out of money” to “I’m in trouble” to some query related to being a grown up that you never quite figured out for yourself.

2. You had your fist peg with your Dad.

And you still remember it as clear as day. You, your dad, two pegs from his bottle of expensive scotch and then that long talk about alcohol and responsibility.

3. Whenever your Mom blows a fuse, your Dad swoops in to diffuse the situation.

Koi baat nahi . Relax. Seekh jayega/jayegi.

4. He would destroy anyone who even mildly annoys you.

Rishtey mein toh hum tumharey baap lagte hain…

5. He is your moral compass.

Whenever you do something wrong, more than your Dad’s anger, you’re scared of his disappointment and silence. Nothing hurts as much as the “silent treatment” from your Dad.


6. He lets you do whatever you want but when he says something, you listen!

Because Daddy is always right.

7. He always gives you the best advice.

In all honesty, most of us do not talk to our Dads about everyday problems. But when it really counts, sharing things with Daddy dearest is a really good idea. He’ll know that it matters to you and give you awesome advice.

8. He gels with your friends like they were his own.

9. He is that one guy who will never be too busy for you.

Even if he has seven meetings in a day, for you, he is just a call away.

10. He knows just how to cheer you up.

And here’s the weird thing, him just asking “What’s wrong?” makes you instantly feel a bit better.

11. He will wear whatever you gift him.

Dads are such sweethearts, right? Irrespective of whether they like it or not, they’ll happily wear/use whatever you gift them.


12. He is the one who keeps you grounded.

He is the rock in your life. You get the courage to follow your dreams and be all you can be  because you know that this awesome dude has got your back.

Some Super-Heroes don’t have capes. They’re called Dads!

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