More often than not, we are caught in that awkward act of searching for some really juicy celeb goss on our favourite search engine. While we happily indulge our baser instincts with the latest happenings of tinsel town, we seldom realize that a hacker somewhere could be leading us to a dodgy website hidden underneath the garb of our favourite celebrity’s name.

Celebrity names are some of the highest risk prone keywords that hackers use to add viruses and malware to the Internet. Your favourite celebrity’s name coupled with search terms reflects the highest malicious links. Here are some of the most sensational celebrities in 2015 according to Intel Security ‘s annual survey, Most Sensational Celebrity. This list comprises of the top celebs from various cinema industries like Bollywood, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Bhojpuri, Telegu, Punjabi and Gujarati;

1. Believe it or not but Priyanka Chopra has the most number of malicious links to her name among all Bollywood celebrities.

She’s won hearts of millions around the world and those millions include hackers too.

Image Courtesy: Bollywood Arena

2. Shraddha Kapoor comes second.

She charmed us with her moves in the blockbuster song ‘Dance Basanti’ however, she charmed the hackers equally.

Image Courtesy: NDTV Movies

3. Kapil Sharma is third. He’s the highest placed male celebrity as he laughs his way to the top.

Yes, his jokes are funny, no doubt. But guess who’s having the last laugh when your computer is attacked by a virus? The hackers, of course.

Image Courtesy: Women’s Era

4. And Jacqueline Fernandez, fourth.

Hackers love her Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan!

Image Courtesy: Online Khobor

5. Amala Paul has the maximum number of malicious links in the entire Tamil industry.

Hackers really love her.

Image Courtesy: I Flickz

6. With Arya following closely.

Arya, the extremely talented Tamilian actor might have won many awards, but he’s also just as popular with the hackers.

Image Courtesy: Indian Express

7. The name Jayasurya carries the maximum number of malicious links in the Malayalam film industry.

He’s a big name in the Malayalam industry and thus a big name for the hackers too.

Image Courtesy: Kerala 9

8. However, Nivin Pauly is not far behind.

This dashing Malayalam actor might have won many hearts with his boyish charm, but he’s also made his name a cash cow for hackers wanting to dupe gullible people of their money.

Image Courtesy: On Lookers Media

9. Superstar Mohan Agashe attracts the maximum malicious links in the Marathi industry.

Hackers love him just as much as you do.

Image Courtesy: IBN Live

10. In the Odia industry, Barsha Priyadarshini is the most sensational.

She’s big in the Odia industry and thus big in the hackers’ books too.

Image Courtesy: Filmy Sphere

11. Beware when you search for the Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterjee.

Her name tops the list for the maximum malware downloads from clicks on spurious links.

Image Courtesy: Film VZ

12. In the Punjabi industry, Diljit Dosanjh is the most sensational.

Hackers are probably busy uploading malware on the Internet while listening to his songs.

Image Courtesy: Bolly Holly HD

13. The name Kriti Sanon carries the maximum number of malicious links in the Telegu film industry.

Hackers find her uber interesting, so beware.

Image Courtesy: Reckon Talk

14. It’s Hiten Kumar, in the Gujarati industry.

Guess who’s his biggest fan? The hackers, of course!

Image Courtesy: About Me

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