We humans are prone to errors of every kind. Some we know about, some we don’t. But, the fact remains, most errors are results of calls-made-wrong and incorrect judgement, and not a matter of knowledge. Because, honestly, don’t we have enough sources and ‘hazardous alerts’ to be warned about all the life-threatening things around us? They just seem so trivial that we don’t seem to care and land in a comedy of errors!

How about we learn to value ourselves a tad bit more and not be supremely careless with our lives? These 15 things need to stop! Hazardous Warning!

1. Talking while charging our cellphones.

If the charger is faulty, chances are that it will burst on your ear.

2. Sitting on the passenger seat in the front of the car with a toddler on our laps. Or taking one on the bike like this:

Source: Wsj

The toddler is at risk throughout.

3. Not wearing safety belts and head-gears.

You know what happens when you don’t and there’s an accident? On the spot death!

4. Controlling a sneeze.

It can pop a blood vessel in your body.

5. Smoking at a petrol pump.

Despite a 100 signboards. If the cigarette, by chance, does not go off, it could set the entire pump on fire.

Source: pragnya

6. Not switching off heaters in the winters before going to sleep.

Much like how the AC leaves you freezing in the night, heaters have the same effect. In fact, they can ignite house-fires too.

7. Pouring water to put out an electrical fire.

This is extremely dangerous. T he electricity from the fire can shoot through the water and shock you possibly to death .

8. Having electric cords run under our carpets and across doorways. Or having them clogged in one corner like this:

Short circuits could bring your entire house down, including you.

Source: stanislaus-da

9. Not doing anything about the semi-hooked fan hanging from the ceiling.

And using it regularly. It could fall any time crushing anything/anyone on its way.

10. Wandering away while the food is getting cooked in the kitchen stove.

We often wander off and forget about the food. Especially, when we’re alone or doing something menial like boiling the milk.

11. Texting/ Talking while crossing the road.

Text 1: “Hi baby!” Text 2: “I’m in the hospital!”

Source: ksrealitybites

12. Using the ATM at a dodgy area in the night.

You never know, some psychopath might be wandering around in the night waiting for an opportunity to steal and murder.

13. Driving without the driver’s license.

Jail, death and what not!

14. Standing very close to the safety line on metro stations.

The sudden change in air pressure can give you a push without you even you realizing it.

15. Drinking and driving after.

No matter how little drunk you are, you don’t to do a bottom’s up with your car!

Source: indiatoday

Here’s a thought: Be a daredevil, but a smart one. Doing these is simply stupid.