' Bad girls do it better '.

That saying has been in use since time immemorial, and for good reason. It's all well and good to be comfortable and safe, but life is about taking risks and experiencing the unknown.

In the long run, some would say it's better to have a girlfriend who's 'good' and predictable, but wouldn't you rather have someone who speaks her mind and loves to live life?

Check out some reasons why it's definitely better to date a bad girl.

1. They almost never ask you to drop or pick them up from anywhere. They either drive or sort out some other way.

2. They aren't picky about what to drink, be it a fancy cocktail or some shady tharra from the alleys (not advised).

3. In fact, half the time they'll bring the beer themselves!

4. They don't expect you to hold the door open, though it's a nice thing to do anyway!

5. They'll be cool with you smoking/drinking. Not good habits, but no need to make a big deal.

6. They can hold their own when it comes to an argument, and don't just use tears as leverage.

7. They're exciting and like to keep things fresh, preferring to go out once in a while than stay in watching TV all day.

8. They're always up for new and random experiences, whether it's adventures like paragliding or travelling somewhere unknown.

9. They also like meeting new people and making an effort to go beyond their comfort zones.

10. Going the extra mile is ingrained in their brains, whether it's with work, study or fun.

11. They always put their heart and soul into everything they believe in, and there's nothing sexier than a girl who's comfortable in her own skin.

12. Also, they really don't hold back in bed and that's something admirable.

13. They have an 'I do what I want' attitude, which guarantees that you never get bored.

14. They are also open about their views and speak up for issues they feel strongly about.

Dating a 'bad girl' suddenly sounds a lot more fun, doesn't it?