You will always be the second love of their lives, and they might forget you once in a while because they got a little too absorbed in their book, but that’s exactly what makes a book lover so adorable. What is it that makes them so awesome to be with? Read on to find out!

1. There is always something to talk about.

Did you know that Google estimated the total number of books in the world to be around 129,864,880 five years ago ? And the conversation has already started!

2. You can get to know them through their bookshelves.

They say books shape the reader’s mind. Taking a good look at their bookshelves will tell you a lot more than merely their tastes. Although that’s not really a bad place to start either!

3. They will never be needy.

Have fun while you’re hanging out, because he/she has a book to go back to later. Say yes to good times, and personal space!

4. They have a lot of patience.

Your partner was patient when Harry acted out against his loved ones; they didn’t even run out of patience with Mrs Dalloway! Trust me, patience is not an issue.

5. Empathy is their strong suit.

Book lovers are great at stepping into other people’s shoes. In fact, it’s their favourite hobby. You’ll always have someone to share your pain with.

6. Your partner will open up a whole new world for you.

No two readers are ever the same. So, even if you are an avid reader yourself, your partner will open up a new side of things that you had no idea about.

7. You’ll be dating a person of substance.

Move over shallow ex-boyfriend/girlfriend! A bookworm is bound to grow wise beyond their years from all the experience they get via fictional characters.

8. They are easy to please.

So you need to pick up a gift for your Boo? Head over to the nearest bookshop and buy them a book. Even a gift card would do. No sweat at all!

9. They are non-judgmental.

Books open up windows for the soul, and a book lover is sure to peek through. The many, many, characters your partner reads about and their complexities constantly push the limits of his/her understanding of the world. Judgments have no place in a reader’s world.

10. They will fuel your imagination.

Your book loving partner will take your wildest dreams, weirdest fancies and add fuel to them. Get ready to dream big!

11. A well-read partner will make you smarter.

Their conversations are littered with references to the books they read, and they can go on talking endlessly about their favourite books and authors! Even if you never really pick up their books yourself, you’ll definitely be better informed about the world than before.

12. They are good listeners.

Let’s face it, they spend hours together pouring themselves over books, patiently waiting for stories to unfold. Their concentration and patience carries into their relationships too! She/he will always know how to coax your stories out of you.

13. They’ve got class.

Years and years of cultivating their taste in books has given them a beautifully developed taste in things. Just look at how good that book looks in their room for instance!

14. They know how to keep a secret.

They’ve known what happens in Game of Thrones all this while (well, at least to a great extent) and yet they’ve never spoilt the series for you. What does that tell you about their secret-keeping abilities?

15. You get an all access pass to their personal collection!

This is perhaps the best and most important perk of dating a bookworm. You get access to their library!

Be sure to treat their books well though, things might start moving downhill otherwise!