Remember all those times you used to step down into the river for a quick catch? You do? Well, the fishes do too. That’s why, it’s payback time now, mate. What else would explain the Pacu fish? A testicles destructing mean machine, it’s affectionately (and aptly) called the ‘ball-cutter’.

Don’t go by it’s affable looks. Shit turns real the moment it opens it’s mouth.

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Wait, does it have human like teeth? Yes! Which probably makes it’s bite even more painful. Let’s take another look at it’s teeth, shall we. Because, why not?

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Such is the strength of their teeth, that they remain intact even after you’ve deep fried the fish. *Shivers*

A distant cousin of the dreadful Piranha, the Pacu fish is essentially omnivorous with vegetative tendencies.

They usually eat floating nuts and fruits in rivers but have been known to bite off fishermen’s testicles after mistaking them for floating nuts.

This is real, people. Fishermen have been known to have bled to death after getting their testicles cut-off by the Pacu fish. And the worst part is, that these fish have now spread all over the world.

Originally found in the Amazon and the Orinoco river in Amazonian lowlands, they’ve now been sighted in as far as Papua New Guninea, Denmark, Washington, New Jersey and Illinois.

According to fish expert Henrik Carl, “They bite because they’re hungry and testicles sit nicely in their mouth.” Whaaaattt?

Damn nature! You scary!

Apparently, people who eat these fish also develop a fondness for human testicle. Just like this human right over here.

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Also, believe it or not, there are fish out there that can enter your penis!

That’s right. Meet the freshwater catfish, Candiru a.k.a the toothpick fish.


The Candiru usually targets bigger fishes and drinks blood from their gills but many people believe that it enters human penises as well. But the last time we checked, this was just a myth.


Thank God them entering human penises hasn’t been confirmed as yet. The mere idea of it seems painful.

But the million dollar question is, that even if you are able to protect your penis and your testicles, will you be able to protect your nipple?

That’s right folks. Like this man discovered the painful way, fishes also have a fondness for male nipples.

Check out the entire video right here.