It’s the last month of the year and guess what? This last of something is absolutely refreshing! From the cozy winter to innumerable year-end celebrations, December has a lot to offer. Even if the rest of the year has been just okay, this month will be awesome simply because it’s December!

Here are 14 reasons that make this month the coolest one out of the twelve!

1. No more sweaty summers. Hello, pleasant winters!

With woolen sweatshirts, cozy blankets and hot beverages, this month is total bliss!

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2. Christmas!

Time to jingle all the way e specially because no one will judge you for putting on a Santa hat.

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3. Gifts!

Because Santa won’t leave any X-mas stocking empty!

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4. It’s the Friday of Months!

We can all relate to the happy Friday feeling at the end of every week. December feels exactly the same!

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5. Vacations!

You’ve worked your ass off all year long and it’s finally December. You have every reason to take that vacation you never had!

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6. Sale!

All those enticing festive offers mean only one thing… Time to go on a shopping spree!

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7. No shape December.

For those of us who love our cozy blankets and food, and are too lazy to exercise, this is the best month ever.

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8. Chai/Coffee!

The real joy of having tea and espressos is during this time of the year!

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9. Old Monk!

Every rum lover can relate to the warmth this drink gives in December!

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10. Family and friends!

Who other than your family and friends can make this month of festivities better for you? Time to pay them a visit if you haven’t already!

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11. Parties!

Be it Christmas Eve party, Christmas party, New Year’s Eve party, New Year’s Day party or a countless other theme parties, this month is an overdose of fun!

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12. Bonfire!

The heat from this fire is probably the most comfortable thing about this month!

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13. Cuddling in your blanket !

Whether it’s with yourself, with your boyfriend/girlfriend or with your pet, you just love cuddling at this time of the year!

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14. End of the year introspecting!

All of us need to reflect on the things we did to move ahead in life. What better month than December to figure this out!

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The last month of the year is the best one for most of us because we end on a hopeful note of making an even better start in the New Year! Cheers to December!