Priya Kurian , an artist from Delhi and owner of the blog Delhittante, has perfectly captured the essence of Delhi – its different people. From the Amar Colony Uncle to the Hauz Khas Dude, the resemblance between her cartoons and the people is uncanny! Here, check them out for yourself:

1. The Amar Colony Uncle

2. The Vehla Bwoys

3. The Kickass Aunty

4. The Metro Girls

5. The Neighbourhood Uncle

6. The Biker Babes

7. The Metro Man

8. The Darling Daddy

9. The Hauz Khas Bro

10. The Unscrupulous Autowaala

11. The Angry Aunty

12. The Fashionable Expat

13. The Awesome Granny

14. The Quintessential Delhi Mommy

15. The Too-Cool-To-Care Uncle

16. The I-Know-It-All Guy

17. The Hyperactive Parkingwaala

18. The Ladies Gang

19. The Old-School Intellectual

20. The Religious One

You can checkout some more awesome work by Priya here .