When was the last time you forgot some belonging in the Delhi metro? It happens quite often to me. Just like the other 15,675 people, I don’t even bother to find out what happened to it on most occasions.

Yes, that’s the number of people who did not take their belongings left in the Delhi metro back, last year. So what happens to all that stuff?

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Well, whatever gets left behind in the Delhi Metro gets auctioned!

The Delhi metro auctions used bottles, umbrellas, helmets, lunch boxes and the like every 6 months. In the last auction held in November, the DMRC generated Rs 2.1 lakh.

A Delhi Metro Rail Corporation spokesperson told TOI, “The number of items collected till date is 17,000. Of these, only 1,325 were claimed. We conduct these auctions every six months. The most common items found are bags and poly-bags. The highest bid gets the items. These items are generally treated as scrap.”

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Interestingly, the most expensive item found on the Delhi metro is a Rado watch. However, it was returned hours after being found when the owner came to claim it. Most commuters don’t come back for inexpensive items like lunch boxes or poly-bags, an official said.

This article was first published in Times Of India