The Delhi Metro is a unique experience like nothing else in India. And there is a lot you can learn if you commute by the metro everyday. Here are 20 life lessons that the Delhi Metro can teach you:

1. Push your way through life.

Just like you push your way through people at Rajiv Chowk, Kashmere Gate, C Sec etc.

2. Stay within your limits to avoid trouble.

No entering the ladies’ compartment.

3. Learn to let go.

You’re not supposed to sit on the senior citizens’ seat anyway.

4. Life isn’t fair always.

You might be just about to make it into the metro when the doors close.

5. But sometimes, life might give second chances.

Like how the metro doors might just open again.

6. Always give your hundred percent.

Run, push, shove… do whatever it takes to get that coveted seat at Mandi House metro station.

7. Learn to accept rejection.

With fierce competition, you might not always get a seat.

8. Don’t panic, just go with the flow.

Especially while deboarding the metro.

9. At times, you may have to go against the tide.

Like when you’re the only person trying to deboard while 20 others are trying to enter the metro.

10. Always grab the opportunity.

Don’t wait. Hop on. The next metro might take longer than expected to arrive.

11. Learn to adjust.

Squeeze in, make space for that kid to sit.

12. Life has its share of surprises.

There’s nothing like finding a less crowded metro during peak hour.

13. Always hope for the best.

Sometimes hoping for an eight-bogie train actually gets you one.

14. And be prepared for the worst.

Leave early from home. There could be an unforeseen delay at Patel Chowk.

15. Apologizing doesn’t make you a lesser person.

Did you just step on that bodybuilder’s foot? Apologise. Smile. Problem averted.

16. Choose wisely so that you don’t have to regret later.

Choosing the ladies’ seat over the normal one might not be a good idea.

17. No matter what, keep moving on in life.

Don’t stay put for too long. Staying beyond 170 minutes is a punishable offence.

18. Sacrificing for others can be rewarding.

Offering your seat to the pregnant lady will make you proud of yourself.

19. Being a public nuisance might land you in trouble.

Sitting on the floor of the train, playing loud music, talking loudly on the phone… don’t do things you’re not supposed to.

20. Be prepared. Long solitary journeys can be boring. Carry your iPod for company.

So many life lessons and you thought all that the Delhi Metro could do was ferry people around.