With rape and harassment cases staring at us every day from the headlines, women in Delhi (and elsewhere) live in the constant fear of being harassed. While most of us think not much is done about it by the government, I am happy to say that we might be wrong.

To help women deal with roadside romeos and harassers, the Delhi Police has taken a great initiative by releasing video tutorials to help women learn self defense. The videos teach simple, yet effective techniques to help you tackle any untoward incident.

Watch the videos by Ministry of Women & Child Development Govt of India to kick some serious ass when you need to:

While they do seem a bit dramatic and do not take into account the possibility of the attacker attacking back, they sure do teach us a thing or two about self defence.

The Mumbai Police also went the quirky way to help women deal with harassment. This is how they did it:

This video is a part of a 3-videos series in association with STUDIO EEKSAURUS . You can watch the other two videos here and here.

We must say that these are some great initiatives by the government. Here’s hoping that they are as proactive when it comes to cases and laws dealing with harassment.