The food fight between India’s two greatest cities is far from settled. Is Mumbai better or Delhi? Even though the people living both these cities are completely different from each other, there’s one thing that ties them together. And that is their undying love for FOOD! Both the cities boast of some of the greatest dishes that have delighted a generation of foodies. If there was ever to be a hypothetical fight between Mumbai and Delhi cuisines, these are the well-deserved heavy-weight (pun intended) dishes that would go up against each other:

1. The famous Vada Pav…

Source: What’s Hot

Would give Delhi’s Aloo Chaat a tough fight.


2. The beautifully fried Bombil Fry would go up against…

Source: Upper Crust India

Delhi’s flavourful and succulent Chicken Tikka.

Source: Wikipedia

3. The Bheja Fry would give some hard competition to…

Source: Bold Sky

Delhi’s favourite mutton curry, Rogan Josh.

Source: Wikipedia

4. Mumbai’s Batata Vada would fight…

Source: Indian Food Network

Delhi Samosa to the end.

Source: Bakery Bite

5. The fight between Mumbai’s Akuri on toast…

Source: Pinterest

And Delhi’s super fast breakfast of Bread-Omelette will be a close one.

Source: Harsha K R/Flickr

6. Which one is better, Mumbai’s Frankie…

Source: Bombay Frankie

Or, Delhi’s Kathi Roll?

Source: Padhaaro

7. Misal Pav will be the perfect contender for…

Source: Hour Dose

Delhi’s Pav Bhaji.


8. Bombay Bhel Puri will give…

Source: Wikipedia

Delhi’s Papdi Chaat close competition.

Source: Web Parx

9. The Gujarati Thali will be up against…

Source: Hotel Shanti Idoot

Delhi’s famous plate of Chole Bhature.

Source: India’s Mark

10. The Mumbai version of Falooda…

Source: Free Use Pics

Should totally go up against Delhi’s Kulfi Falooda!

Source: Eat Live Merry

If this face-off hasn’t made you reach out for something to munch on, then this piece of news surely will! #WhatsOnYourPlate is coming to Delhi and Mumbai. Foodies and hosts Maria Goretti and Kunal Vijay want to know from YOU where they should dine. Share your suggestions on Facebook and Twitter and get a chance to dine with them! Check out this video to find out more about the contest:

Feature Image: What’s Hot / Maps Of India

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