Moving to another city is a life-changing experience. We soon get accustomed to the new city and people and finally become a part of the place. However, no matter where we go, there are certain things that we all miss about home. And when you are moving from Delhi to Mumbai, you are bound to miss many things. If you are a Delhiite who moved to the Bumbai nagariya, we are sure you miss these things in Mumbai as much as we do :

1. Dilli ki sardi

The weather in Delhi may be extreme, but who doesn’t love bonfires, cuddling up in the blanket, and drinking a warm cup of coffee? The Delhi winters are what Delhiites In Mumbai miss the most.

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2. Dilli ka khaana

Though Mumbai has it’s own delicacies, our taste buds yearn for the typical Dilli ka swaad. The type of North Indian food we are used to having is difficult to find and we still have to struggle with the same.


3. A 2BHK flat that actually looks a 2BHK and not a rabbit hole

Now this is a real struggle. Coming from Delhi, which is way more spacious then Mumbai, the rents here make our jaws drop. Mumbai is so expensive that you can almost feel your pockets bleed for flats that are half the size.


4. Chilling out at the spacious balconies

“Chalo bhai aaj chhat pe baithke chill karte hai.” You probably can’t say that in Mumbai, since most flats don’t have a balcony and the roofs are sealed off. *Sob sob*

5. Wider roads perfect for a long drive

For someone who has driven in both cities, the spacious roads that Delhi has to offer are difficult to find in major parts of Mumbai. So yes, 5th gear is a blessing!


6. Language yaar

There’s a significant difference between the languages spoken in both cities and for Delhiites who return home for a break, listening to their version of ‘Dilli wali hindi’, is like a breath of fresh air!


7. The lush green trees and beautiful parks

Mumbai is a city of skyscrapers, not parks and gardens. There maybe a few around the city but unlike Delhi, there aren’t parks in almost every society.


8. Dilli ki hawaa

This takes getting used to. The smell of fish in Mumbai is prominent in many parts which Delhi noses aren’t really used to. Delhi folks are used to their own type of pollution smell. ” Terha hai par mera hai!”

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9. Delectable and cheap roadside Momos

While you can find a momo waala in every nook and corner of Delhi, finding one in Mumbai is quite a task!

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10. The Delhi Metro

Mumbai has a Metro now, but it is only between the eastern and western corridors.

“Bhai local le le. Kya tension?” “Tension hai ki local meri na le le.”

Nothing is as comfortable as saadi metro.


11. Rickshaws

If you shout out ‘rickshaw’, an auto will stop in front of you. The cycle rickshaws we adored for contributing to our laziness of not walking for only a kilometer are dearly missed in Mumbai.

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12. Fun Flips

“Bhai fun flips kaha milenge?” “What’s that?”Long silence. Incomprehensible reply. Death.

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13. Sarojini Nagar – the shopper’s paradise

“Let the bargaining begin.”This one’s for the ladies. There are street shops in Mumbai as well but nothing beats the charm of good-old Sarojini Nagar.

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There is no denying that Mumbai is a great city to live in. However, as Dilliwaalas, we always keep Delhi close to our hearts and dearly miss its specialties.