A lot of people would call Delhi a pretty expensive place to live in. Apart from certain street foods, most other things seem to burn a hole in our wallets and put a rock in our tummies. Going to a pub or eating at a restaurant aren’t the only things you can do around here though.

There’s a whole bunch of fun stuff covering a wide range that you can do in the city, and all for less than a hundred bucks! Read on( I know you want to).

1. Buy a pocket cookbook from Midland, get groceries like eggs and onions and make a solid meal for two.

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2. Buy a Kurta from Sarojini Nagar to wear to college.

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3. Treat yourself to some of the tastiest paani puri and golgappas at Nathu’s, Bengali Market after a long day.

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4. Take the bus to Daryaganj for the Sunday book bazaar and buy your mom her favourite book with money to spare.

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5. Movie ticket prices on Thursdays are Rs.100(weirdly enough) at PVR Anupam. Also, Amba, Batra and Alpana halls in North Campus for cheap movie viewing.

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6. Literally travel and experience the entire length of your city on bus/ metro.

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7. Surprise your friends to some truly legitimate pork fried rice/ Buff noodles at Yo Tibet, Safdarjung Enclave(Don’t literally surprise them though).

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8. Buy an Iktara from Dilli Haat and gift it to your music loving friend, or just start playing it yourself!

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9. Visit Kunzum Cafe in Hauz Khas Village with your buddies and exchange travel tales over coffee and cakes.

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10. Go to JNU by tempo and gorge on some stellar dhaba food surrounded by greenery and a good dose of safety.

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11. Take the metro to Paharganj and buy your smoker friends some beautiful wooden pipes.

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12. Another Paharganj special are the pancakes with chocolate syrup that you should help yourself to after all the pipe buying.

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13. Wash that pancake down with a beer at My Bar or Sam’s Cafe and go home happier and slightly heavier.

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14. Hit up Connaught Place, go to the beloved Wenger’s and get some delectable truffles/doughnuts for the entire family.

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15. Drag a buddy to Paranthe Walle Galli in Chandni Chowk and try out the weirdest(kulfi?) paranthas.

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16. Go to Indian Mountaineering Foundation with your buddies and climb stuff for 2 hours. Always fun!

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17. Get a packet of Oreos, some Mother Dairy Ice cream and a brownie. Swirl that goodness in a mixie with some ice and milk and treat your girlfriend to an oral delight she didn’t expect.

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18. Introduce your friends to the awesomeness of skateboarding by jumping ramps at Freemotion Skate Park , Neb Sarai.

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19. Buy a quarter Old Monk, some ginger ale, garnish with lime and have a cocktail night with your friends for cheap!

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20. Go get your ears, eyebrow, septum or belly pierced for tiny bucks at Jewellery Hut, North Campus and piss off your parents.

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21. Visit a local market like Vasant Vihar A block and get a funky mohawk haircut from a clean Air conditioned salon.

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22. If you don’t mind general discomfort, you could get a local bus from ISBT to Jaipur or Pilani in this budget!

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23. Go back to Sarojini or pretty much any market with your friends, pick up a bunch of fake sunglasses and roam around looking shady!

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24. Get CDs of your favourite games or movies at Palika Bazaar and spend the day geeking out.

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25. Buy some glow in the dark paint and flourescent bubble mix from Khan or Green Park market, switch off the lights and get psychedelic!

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Don’t laze around on your Sunday afternoons, go do one of these cool things!