Your microwave becomes your savior when you are cooking for yourself, or want to cook really fast or when you don’t have a stove top but want to cook something fancy. Here are some awesome recipes for such times :

1. French toast

Who doesn’t love French toast? You can fix yourself some in less than five minutes in a microwave. Thinking about the sweet and golden goodness? Find recipe here .

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2. Mac and cheese

You love the cheesy, creamy mac and cheese. But are tired of store bought goods? Don’t you worry child! Follow this recipe here to make some awesome cheesy goodness.

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3. Stuffed Mushrooms

This dish might sound fancy, but trust me it isn’t. At least not the cooking part. The taste on the other hand is so good that you would want to try this recipe again and again.

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4. Apple Pie

This absolutely gorgeous dessert stars in so many of my dreams. And I wish that I could make it in the morning before rushing to office. Thanks to this recipe here , now I can!

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5. Donuts

No I’m not kidding. You can totally make a delicious, chocolatey donut in your microwave by using this recipe here . Beautiful, donut mornings! Here I come!

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6. Gajar ka halwa

You love gajar ka halwa don’t you? I do! But more often than not, I don’t have the time to stand near a stove top and spend an hour cooking it. This recipe here , is the end of all my misery as I can cook some in less than half an hour.

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7. Atta sheera

Breakfast can become so much more tasty if you can get a bowl of sheera. But you don’t want to wash all those utensils after cooking some. Using this recipe here you can make some using just one single bowl and spoon in your microwave.

Tarla Dalal

8. Matar dhokla

A classic Indian snack. Won’t those evenings be so beautiful if you had a plate of dhoklas? Follow this r ecipe here to make some delicious and healthy dhoklas in no time at all!

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9. Upma

My favorite comfort food! It’s easy to cook and healthy for you. Follow this recipe here to make some in your microwave.

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10. Palak Saag

This green goodness can only be prepared in an elaborate time-consuming way, right? Wrong! Follow this recipe here to make some saag which is filled with goodness and is so easy to make in your microwave.

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11. Thai Steamed Egg (Kai Toon)

Forget making Thai food in the microwave, I wouldn’t even attempt to make some on the stovetop. But with this recipe here , I have the confidence to make some in my microwave. You should try it too!

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12. Fat free potato chips

Nothing better than this recipe here can happen to you if you are trying to knock off some pounds. And if you don’t want to, you can make a serving of potato chips in ten minutes when you run out of your packaged food!

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13. Healthy chocolate cake in a mug

No one says no to chocolate cake. Ever. ANd there are times when all of us have to face that difficult time when we need it but it is impossible to make an entire cake. This 5-minute recipe here will help you in those difficult times.

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14. Lemon curd

If you love zesty sweetness, this recipe is it. You could make some in no time at all. And you need not make tarts. Take an italian biscuit (or any digestive biscuit), apply a generous amount of lemon curd and enjoy!

Eat little bird

15. Elote or Mexican corn on the cob

Authentic corn on the cob? No problem! Your microwave is the second best way to help you get some (the best way of course is to visit Mexico!) Find the recipe here .

Peaches Please

Don’t stop at these. Keep reading more recipes. There is a treasure waiting to be found on the Internet. Happy eating!