A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you have been taking. – Earl Wilson

Life is busy. Our everyday life gets into a routine which is very hard to escape. Between the constant repetition of work, it’s easy to get caught up in the vortex of the ‘I-must-always-be-productive’ mindset which means working more to earn more.  But there comes a critical point when doing more doesn’t lead to more happiness, success or productivity. That’s when it’s time for a break.

If you show any of these signs, you totally deserve a vacation:

1. The first thing you say to yourself as soon as you wake up is FML because another day is starting, and you will go to work and eventually you will die.

2. You’re always tired and sleepy. You stare blankly at your system as you just can’t concentrate.

3. Life has started to feel like a prison. Everything and everybody gets to your nerves now.

4. You keep looking at your watch at work, to calculate how long ago you’d taken your last break and how long will you have to wait for another.

5. You find yourself Google-ing ‘places you must visit once in a lifetime’ every now and then.

6. Whenever you’re online, you go through the pictures of your previous trips. And you curse out loud when you see others’ vacation pictures with captions like ‘I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE <3 <3'.

7. People have started pointing out how you whine a lot about your life these days.

8. Y our procrastination skills are at an all-time high. You take twice the time it took you to complete tasks usually.

9. Come weekends and you feel like you are headed to the gallows because you know what’s coming. Monday.

10. You’re often found lurking around the coffee/tea machine at work.

11. You’ve started wishing you would get sick, just so you can take a day off.

Like they say, when in doubt, vacation.

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